Have you invested in a water softener system for your home? If so, you have taken a great step in ensuring the water in your home is of the highest quality, and also helping to improve your pipes and appliances from hard water buildups.

Of course, water softener systems don’t always come cheap, and are quite the investment. It is only natural to want to know how long your water softening system should last you and what steps you can take to make sure its lifespan is extended as much as possible.

How Long Do Home Water Softening Systems Usually Last?

The average water softening system typically lasts a home anywhere from ten to twenty years. This all comes down to the type of system you choose. To make sure your water softening system gets the longest lifespan possible, you will also want to know a few ways you can help extend its life.

Tips For Getting Many Years Out of Your Water Softener

Follow these simple tips to make sure your water softening system stays in good shape to service your home for years to come.

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·    Change your filters!

Dirty filters won’t do your water softener any good. To change your filter, just refer to your softener’s owner manual to get a walkthrough of this usually-simple process.

·    Keep the resin bed flushed

With single tank softeners, you will want to make sure you flush out the resin bed using special cleaner for your water softener. This will make sure the resin beads in your softener stay effective.

·    Don’t work your softener too hard

Like any appliance, wear-and-tear can be one of the biggest contributors to a shorter lifespan. Make sure it is set high enough to effectively soften your water, but don’t leave it on a higher setting for too long. This could cause unnecessary wear and your softener that won’t do it any good in the long run.

These tips should help you keep your water softener in tip-top condition for years to come. If the time does come where your water softener needs maintenance, then consider getting in touch with your water softener pittsburgh professionals for repairs or replacement.