Did you know that about 75% of all people who suffer from depression also suffer from pain? It’s one of many hidden symptoms of depression that so many do not realize links together, even amidst their suffering. Low back pain and neck pain were two of the most common complaints amongst people who suffer from depression.

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Numerous people afflicted with depression also sustain weight gain. The cause of weight gain is pretty obvious. Many people with depression tend to eat more or overeat to cover up their sadness or pain. Food is very comforting to many people. This an easily rack on pounds. People also add weight during depression when they choose to self-treat with alcohol.

Depressed people always feel down and sad, right? So why is it that about 54% of depressed people exhibit signs of anger or hostility? It seems that it’s yet another one of those symptoms that many people do not realize that comes along with this disorder. It’s not only feelings of sadness and emptiness associated with depression. If you are angry or find yourself lashing out, it may very well be the cause of depression.

Maybe you don’t feel anger like some people say when they’re depressed. Maybe you don’t even feel ad. Maybe you feel nothing at all. A large number of depressed people express feelings of numbness or emptiness. This leads them to a numb, hollow feeling inside.

If you suffer from depression, do not go through it alone. Help is out there and with it, you can lead a normal, happy life. It’s a simple imbalance and with the right medications and mental health treatment austin, you can get back to the life that you want to lead. Depression doesn’t have to define who you are; don’t allow it that chance.